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TWS I7 headset

1. Single or double: can use only one piece or two together to pursue perfect stereo music sounds, all depends

2. Automatic pairing: remove the auxiliary (headset superscript L word), when the power is off, long press entity button for 3 to 5 seconds, blue light display and it will be connected to the host automatically

3. Wireless device: earbuds have built-in antenna, the signal is stronger than the common Bluetooth earphone

4. And can reach 10 to 15 m under the condition of no obstacle

5. Built-in USB card: built-in 16G large capacity memory card can store files such as movies, music and photos

6. Large power capacity: containing box is also the charging station, offers at most 20 times' full charge to the two wireless headsets

7. Fast charger technology: using this technology

8. Comfortable to wear: shape of the earbuds fits your auditory meatus perfectly, with silicone

earmuffs, headsets stay firmly in your ears when working out or running or doing exercise in the gym

9. Small and exquisite: weight is around 5g, you even cannot feel it when wearing.

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